Why is Mikayla Nogueira under fire again? TikToker’s foundation review goes viral

Published: 2023-02-20T21:47:33

Updated: 2023-02-20T21:47:44

Beauty guru Mikayla Nogueira is facing criticism yet again after viewers took issue with another one of her makeup product reviews.

Mikayla Nogueira is one of the most prominent makeup artists on TikTok, where she boasts over 14 million followers.

While Nogueira’s humorous videos have earned her a solid following over the years, the creator has come under fire in recent weeks due to her reviews of certain beauty products.

In January, the influencer sparked backlash for her review of L’Oreal’s Telescopic Lift mascara. Many viewers were convinced she was wearing false eyelashes, noticing a major difference between her application of the product and her end result.

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Mikayla Nogueira under fire for SuperStay foundation review

Now, she’s facing the ire of her viewers once again after they discovered an older review of hers, where she advertised Maybelline’s SuperStay powder foundation that was uploaded on January 19.

Critics claim that Nogueira’s foundation looks starkly different from cut to cut, with some arguing that she must have applied a layer of liquid foundation underneath it to achieve the extreme coverage she had in the video.

Still others point to reviews from other content creators who do not exhibit the same results as hers in the clip, which has since garnered over 22 million views.

“I bought it and it does not cover like that,” one user said of Nogueira’s review. “You must be using a ton.”

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“Hmmm it doesn’t really look like the same product at the end,” another said.

“I bought this and NO WAY ABSOLUTELY NOT does it go on like you show!” yet another claimed. “You are definitely doing something more! Now I feel like I wasted 16 dollars.”

tiktokers respond to mikayla nogueira foundation review copyTikTok: mikaylanogueira

Thus far, Nogueira hasn’t responded to the outrage publicly — although she did poke fun at the backlash in the very beginning of the first video she posted following the kerfuffle following #mascaragate.

This is far from the first time that Nogueira has come under fire, either; in 2022, she also faced criticism for implying her job as an influencer was difficult — something that earned her quite a few comments online.

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