Viral: CCTV Cameras ‘Worth Millions’ Stolen

Viral: CCTV Cameras 'Worth Millions' Stolen

According to ARY News, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has experienced a strange occurrence, as millions of Pakistani Rupees worth of CCTV cameras have been stolen, along with the batteries of generators installed for lighting at Gaddafi Stadium.

The stolen fiber cables and other items are reportedly worth over 10 lakh Pakistani Rupees. The authorities have lodged a complaint with the Gulberg police station.

This incident has put the PSL in a difficult position, as there is already a dispute between the Pakistan Cricket Board and the interim Punjab government.

The fate of upcoming matches in Lahore and Rawalpindi is uncertain due to the ongoing disagreement over “security expenses.”

The security arrangements for the venues are estimated to cost around PKR 500 million, but the Punjab government is only willing to pay PKR 250 million, leaving the PCB responsible for the remaining 50 percent of the expenses.

The PCB is unwilling to do so, insisting that it is the provincial government’s responsibility to cover the security expenses. If the conflict is not resolved, the matches may be moved to Lahore.

Former PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja believes that if the PSL is not played in Lahore or Rawalpindi, it will be a significant loss as the tournament is based on the home and away concept. Playing in only one city will decrease the excitement among fans.

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