Video Of ‘Baby Dinosaurs In Jurassic Park’ Tricks Twitter

Twitter just found baby dinosaurs. A video with over 7.4 million views shows a group of miniature brontosauruses crossing a trail in the woods. Or so it appears. Unfortunately, this is no Eureka moment. It’s just someone on the microblogging site monkeying around. Yet, this well-done prank has taken people multiple viewings of the clip to realise what is going on. Look for yourself and see how long it takes you to figure out what is happening here.

The original poster of the video, too, said that it took them a while to decipher that their eyes were being tricked. It really does look like a group of miniature dinos quickly running into the greenery nearby. Some part of the picture you can see is true, too. It is a group of animals running from one green patch to another. Before the big reveal of what is happening here, take a look.


Did you guess it? This is a reverse video of a group of coatis. Their long, curved tail gives the impression of a Brontosuarus’ long neck. The small head looks like a stubby tail, too. The Coati, which might easily be mistaken for a monkey, is native to the Americas. Coatis have a long, muscular snout of a pig, a tail that matches that of a raccoon, and the tree-climbing skills of a monkey. It could be confused for all kinds of creatures, now including dinosaurs!

Many people confessed to being fooled by the video. One user responded with a meme from a movie that fits the dino theme of the clip– Jurassic Park.

Another person made a reference to the movie. “I thought it was a mini Jurassic Park for a second,” they said.

“OK, I’ll admit it. They looked like baby brontosauri,” chimed in another.

Then there were those who were quick to point out that the video is playing in reverse, and it’s just a bunch of Coatis.

Someone even posted the original video to clarify.

Most social media users had a good laugh about how they had been pranked. The comments section was filled with references to Jumanji, apart from Jurassic Park. Did the doctored clip manage to trick you, too?

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first published: February 25, 2023, 15:20 IST

last updated: February 25, 2023, 15:45 IST

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