VALORANT to reveal Agent 22 soon

It seems players will not have to wait long as VALORANT will be revealing and showcasing Agent 22 soon, according to leaks.

VALORANT Agent 22 reveal

According to popular VALORANT leaker @ValorLeaks, the previously teased Agent 22 will be revealed during the VALORANT LOCK//IN Grand Finals. This agent will also be showcased in-game during the showmatch. This is seemingly confirmed by a hidden post on the official VALORANT Esports news site, saying that “the announcement will feature both a reveal of the new Agent.” Both the showmatch and the grand final is scheduled on March 4th, 2023.

Agent 22’s name and role has already been leaked too: Gekko, and he will be an Initiator.

Last week, Character Producer John “Riot MEMEMEMEME” Goscicki talked a little about this mysterious agent through a State of the Agents video. He talked about how adding new agents keeps VALORANT “fresh,” and that introducing new gameplay and thematic spaces keeps the players involved with the shooter. After talking about the gripes of Agent balancing (cough, Chamber, cough), he revealed that three new agents will be added to the roster in 2023 – and Initiator, a Sentinel, and… a currently unknown one.

Around the same time, the first teaser for Agent 22 dropped, which featured a pair of legs, presumably Gekko’s, on a rather sunny balcony(?). Brimstone, under the username “Beard Papi,” is ringing Agent 22, but our mystery man is chilling on the floor with some boba. The community was quick to point out the pair of spiky claws reaching for the bubbly drink, and that this may be a part of his mechanic.

Gekko will bring their “own eclectic way to deal with situations, new ways to check corners, get onto locations, and plant the Spike.”  Agent 22’s demeanor has been teased to be on the “chill” side, but apart from this little is still known about the upcoming agent.

A rather colorful teaser video was posted by VALORANT social media accounts, showing Agent 22’s phone with the group chat incredibly active, surrounded by all sorts of food.

It’s safe to say that we’ll get to see Gekko real soon on live servers.

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