Smriti Irani’s 2011 Tweet Goes Viral Following Hike In LPG Price

NEW DELHI: BJP leader and Cabinet Minister Smriti Irani’s old post from 2011 went popular on the microblogging site Twitter not long after the Central Government raised the price of home LPG cylinders by Rs 50 per unit and commercial LPG cylinders by Rs 350 per unit.

Irani criticised the then-Congress government in a tweet from 2011 for increasing the price of LPG by Rs 50.

“50 rupee LPG price increase!!! They identify as Aam Aadmi ki Sarkars. Such a shame,” Irani wrote in an earlier tweet.

The Congress party questioned whether the union minister would “still take it to the streets” after sharing an old image of her protesting the price increase.

“Smriti Irani sat on the road with the cylinder when an LPG cylinder cost less than 400 rupees. Will it hit the road even today? The cost of a cylinder has crossed Rs 1,100 today”, the official Twitter account for Congress tweeted.

While comparing the pricing of LPG cylinders in 2014 under the Congress and in 2023 under the BJP, he claimed that while the price of a cylinder was Rs 410 and the subsidy was Rs 827, it would be Rs 1,103 and there would be no subsidy.

Rahul Gandhi stated in a tweet in Hindi that “during Mitra Kaal, just the public’s pockets are slashed and the nation’s money is transferred to Mitra (friends) in charity.” He added that “during the Congress era, there was relief in the shape of subsidies.”

According to a price notification from state-owned fuel merchants, a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder in Delhi now costs Rs 1,103, up from Rs 1,053.

LPG now costs Rs 1,102.50 for every 14.2-kg cylinder in Mumbai, Rs 1,129 per cylinder in Kolkata, and Rs 1,118.50 per cylinder in Chennai, according to PTI. Depending on local taxes, rates vary from state to state.

The cost of commercial LPG, which is used in hotels and restaurants, was also increased by oil companies, going from Rs. 2,119.5 per 19-kg cylinder to Rs. 350. 5.

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