Pinellas man who threatened to post woman’s nudes arrested on extortion charge, cops say

A Pinellas Park man has been arrested on an extortion charge after he got a woman to send him nude photos of herself, then threatened to post them unless she sent him more, police reported.

Vincent Anthony Vagianow, 19, was arrested Saturday. In addition to the extortion charge, he was arrested on four counts of child pornography after Pinellas Park police said they found videos on his phone showing young children being sexually abused.

Arrest reports indicate that the extortion occurred in June. The woman had received numerous messages from a Snapchat user “demanding nude imagery,” the reports state. The woman sent the user topless photos, at which point the user threatened to upload the images to a “shade room” unless she sent him more.

Police used a subpoena to learn the Snapchat user’s IP address, which led investigators to Vagianow. Police said the woman did not know him, but that Vagianow told police that he knew her from school as a “pretty popular girl,” an arrest report states.

Court records show Vagianow was released from the Pinellas County jail on $50,000 bail. An assistant public defender was appointed to represent him and has submitted a not guilty plea on his behalf.

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