Pak TikToker Hareem Shah’s naked video leaked online. Husband says ‘Will take legal action’

Hareem Shah's naked video leaked online

Hareem Shah’s naked video leaked online | Credit: Instagram

Pakistani TikToker Hareem Shah has been hogging the limelight ever since her naked video leaked on social media on Tuesday, March 1. Soon after, Hareem released a statement claiming that the said video was leaked by her female friends Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz. As per the social media influencer, the two leaked the video online due to the differences that emerged between them.

Hareem Shah’s naked video lead online

The influencer, who started trending on different social media platforms after the video took over the internet, could be seen taking a bath in the clip. She could also be seen engaging in comprising acts with an unidentified man, who also recorded the video.

In the clip, Hareem could be heard saying, “We used to spend ample time together; we had lived in the same house for a period of time. So, naturally, they had access to my mobile phone and knew my passwords.”

Hareem files complaint

As per Geo News, the influencer has filed a complaint with Federal Investigation Agency against Ayesha. She said, “FIA didn’t take action against her but I had my doubts. Ayesha had also informed my other friends that she will leak my videos. But I don’t really care about these videos.”

Previously in her statement, Hareem clarified that her friends threatened her of leaking the videos before they went viral. She claimed that they wanted to create a rift in her married life.

Hareem’s husband reacts to the controversy

Bilal Shah, Hareem’s husband, has threatened to take legal action. He said, “In my eyes, they have done a very ungraceful thing. After we land in Pakistan, we will take every legal action which could be taken against them. A lot of people have been calling and texting him about being an honourless person and that he should leave his wife Those who are calling me names are themselves dishonourable and ignoble. I am only answerable to Almighty Allah if I leave her it would be an injustice to her. I will never leave her in this hour of extreme need.”

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