Miles Bryant charged with murder

Susana Morales (Gwinnett Police Department), Miles Bryant appears in court (11 Alive screengrab)

A former police officer in Georgia is now accused of kidnapping and murdering 16-year-old Susana Morales, whose death he was previously accused of concealing and lying about.

Gwinnett County Police Chief J.D. McClure at a Wednesday press conference revealed the upgraded charges against Miles Bryant, of Norcross, in Morales’ July 2022 disappearance and death.

Asked by a reporter for his reaction as a police officer to the reality that the ex-Doraville police officer is accused of murder, the police chief said the “unspeakable tragedy” of the case “evokes anger,” even within the ranks of his own department as they investigate an alleged crime by a former member of an outside department.

The police chief said it’s still not known how Morales died, but he expressed certainty that Bryant killed her.

Arrest warrants previously obtained by Law&Crime shed more light on how Bryant was first identified as a suspect in the July 2022 missing person case. The former officer allegedly lived in the Sterling Glen Apartments complex—and worked there as a security guard— “in close proximity to [the] victim and dumped her naked body in the woods.” Investigators believe Morales’ last known location was that apartment complex, where she had visited a friend.

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