How Can A Car Accident Attorney Help Me Immediately After An Auto Wreck?

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Do your accident attorneys handle death and catastrophic injury car wrecks?

Yes, we have handled many catastrophic deaths and injuries and have helped our clients deal with the myriad of issues they face after auto accidents.

If you are reading this and a family member has died in an automobile accident or suffered a catastrophic injury, we sincerely apologize for the loss of your family. We understand that you are terribly hurt. We also know that you have many questions and you might want to better understand how and why the car accident happened. Understanding how and why a car accident happened is the only step to building a strong case as it allows us to hold the person or company that caused the car accident accountable.

There are scenarios where a car accident can lead to lawsuits against the accused other than the driver. Reviewing these scenarios may uncover additional coverages and defendants who may be liable for damages. This includes accidents in which the culpable driver worked for a company, and product liability claims such as defective airbags, tires, or roof rollovers. These scenarios may lead to other sources of recovery who may be responsible for paying your damages.

For example, if a drunk driver is involved in an accident, it is extremely important to investigate how and where the driver got drunk. If a bar or restaurant serves a drunk man who is obviously intoxicated, the liquor store can sue the bar. If a bar or restaurant is a large business, you may have assets to pay for damages. Many bars and restaurants offer alcohol liability insurance. Our attorneys know these policies typically have coverage of $1,000,000. Dram Shop’s reasons for action are discussed in more detail on our drunk driving page. (SHORTCUT)

How can a car accident attorney help me immediately after an auto wreck?

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, a lawyer can help secure evidence and conduct an investigation. If anyone is killed or catastrophically injured in a car accident, we will investigate on their behalf. Preserving the evidence is a step in building a strong personal injury case so we can successfully achieve a full recovery.

Each of our experienced car accident attorneys has investigated countless car accidents to determine their causes. Many of these auto accidents have resulted in catastrophic death or injury caused by the negligence of the other driver who was distracted, texting, intoxicated, exhausted from work, or not paying proper attention. The police department investigating the wreck is the primary source of evidence in many cases, but often there is evidence that the police department does not collect. This evidence includes ECM data, accident scene evidence, and the identity of witnesses. This evidence can help determine how and why an accident happened and allow us to collect money from any party responsible. Additionally, our attorneys sometimes find that police officers do not have the same training and experience as full-time accident reconstruction professionals. Therefore, the police accident investigator may or may not come to fully informed conclusions about how the accident happened. Police investigations are often thorough and precise; however, further investigation is often required. For example, our attorneys were assisting a client involved in a car accident that resulted in death and serious injury, and the police investigation revealed that the vehicles were traveling in the exact opposite direction from where they were traveling at the time of the accident. Determining how the sinking occurred was crucial and allowed us to achieve a good outcome for the client.

Our traffic accident attorneys conduct independent accident investigations to strengthen your case and give you the results you expect and deserve.

Why do lawyers hire an independent car accident reconstructionist in cases involving serious injury and death?

Car accident reconstructionists are hired by attorneys to obtain evidence and determine the root cause of a motor vehicle collision.

In every catastrophic death and injury case, our attorneys employ a professionally trained auto accident reconstructionist to examine the motor vehicle collision and determine how the auto accident occurred. Our lawyers go to the scene of the accident as quickly as possible, looking for physical evidence along the way.

Collisions often leave tire skid marks, tire marks in medians, debris, and liquids on the road. They can be important pieces of evidence that fade over time. Sometimes in car accidents, cars collide so hard that one or both cars are thrown onto the road surface, leaving trails that can indicate the point of impact on the road where the accident occurred.

This evidence can be used against the guilty driver and other potential suspects, such as B. Automakers who made a faulty car.

What is an Electronic Control Module and why would an attorney download the data?

Electronic control modules are data loggers built into most cars and 18 wheels. They record data starting around 5 seconds before a triggering event such as a car crash. Some ECMs even take photos and videos. Our lawyers can upload the EMC to prove exactly what happened. This allows us to hold the responsible party accountable and pay you full compensation.

We regularly upload ECMs to better understand how a car crash occurred as part of our investigation. Our attorneys know that this type of evidence can strengthen the case and provide leverage to compel the defendant to pay you in full.

What other types of car accident investigation do you, perform?

While inspecting the sinking site, our lawyers uncovered evidence that the police couldn’t find. On several occasions, our attorneys have investigated car accidents and found video footage of an accident by visiting businesses adjacent to the scene of a car accident and requesting security camera footage.

In one case, our attorneys found car crash footage on a Ring door camera. During the investigation into a car accident, our lawyers also located witnesses who were not listed in the initial police accident report. This evidence was essential as it allowed our lawyers to prove how the car accident happened and obtain full compensation in a wrongful death case resulting from a car accident.

If I hire an attorney, will a lawsuit be filed?

Our lawyers sue car accidents when the adjuster fails to provide adequate compensation. We do not proceed without first consulting our clients to decide if this is the best strategy. We will drop off the driver responsible for the accident. If the other driver was at work, company officials, managers, and supervisors can also make a statement as to how and why the collision happened.

Our attorneys have often tried cases in which the defendant worked for a large company at the time of the car accident. We interviewed CEOs, middle managers, and safety officers about the car accident to ask what steps the company took to ensure the driver was properly qualified, trained, and supervised before the accident didn’t happen. Our attorneys will use the lawsuit to investigate the cause of the accident, identify all those responsible, and maximize financial recovery.

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