Fired teacher Sarah Juree gives report cards to OnlyFans subscribers


A teacher turned amateur nude model describes how she uses her classroom experience to cash in on her lewd OnlyFans account.

Sarah Seales, 41, who posts adult content under the moniker Sarah Juree, was fired from the Starbase science academy for fifth grade school students in South Bend, Indiana last June after the school’s brass found out she was posing nude on the subscription site.

A month later, the ex-teacher of 20 years said she raked in $17,000, and was able to earn the equivalent of her entire annual paycheck in just half a year, Business Insider reported Sunday.

The woman once tasked with explaining science, technology, engineering and math careers to young students who called her “Buttercup” now incorporates her classroom persona in interactions with her perverted subscribers, she told the outlet.

Sarah Seales, 41, said she made more money posing nude in six months than her teaching career brought in annually.

“As a way to boost my earnings, I have found a niche by leaning into the teacher fantasy that many of my fans seem to have,” Seales explained.

“I do this by offering exclusive report cards where I rate their manhood and give ‘Miss Sarah’ stickers to loyal fans. I primarily sell nude photos and explicit videos behind a paywall as well as video chats. I sell my panties too,” she continued.

Seales says she was exposed as a online temptress within days after posting on the site, after deciding to emulate a friend who had raked in $10,000 in a month on OnlyFans.

Seales now gives her OnlyFans subscribers report cards and plays on their “fantasies” involving teachers.

“Last June I tried out during the summer vacation. Within a few days, my photos were copied and sent to my employer. I was sent a termination letter and my 20-year teaching career – and primary source of income – swiftly ended,” the blond bombshell and single mother reportedly said.

Seals had been making $55,000 a year at the school — a salary which she quickly recouped by sharing explicit content with her hot-for-teacher fans, according to the article.

“The most I’ve made in a month is $17,000, which happened right after I got fired. Since I was laid off I’ve made a total of $75,000,” the illicit instructor reportedly said.

The ex-teacher was canned within days of opening an account on the sleazy site, she said.

“However, my income fluctuates and I have months ranging from $3,000 to $10,000. I’ve still had to work very hard to make that much as it involves a lot of marketing. I promote my OnlyFans page on social media sites like Facebook.”

Although Seales had shored up her finances with her scantily clad work, she said she missed teaching kids about STEM opportunities at the Department of Defense-funded school, which officials had expelled her from over the “immediate risk of harm to the reputation or business dealings” of the government facility.

“I absolutely loved my teaching career,” she reportedly said, but added she had to work side hustles like “teaching group exercise classes, Keto nutrition coaching, tutoring kids, a teeth whitening business, and designing shirts and mugs” to provide for her family.

“I would teach all day and then work on one of my side hustles until I went to bed. I felt constantly stretched and overwhelmed with trying so hard that I’d often cry in the bathtub at night. My kids started calling me ‘sad mommy,’” Seales lamented.

“I became increasingly depressed because of the financial stress. Then inflation went sky high – gas prices skyrocketed, my grocery bills doubled and I became even more financially desperate.”

Selling shots of her skin has put her on the path to “financial abundance,” but the new gig is not without its downsides, she told the outlet.

“After taking my kids to school I spend most of my day responding to messages from fans, shooting and editing content and posting on the platform about four times a day. Fans pay $9.99 a month to view my content. I make it all and do all the admin work myself to keep costs to a minimum, including answering fans’ messages,” Seales said.

“Being an OnlyFans model has largely been a positive experience, but I got dragged by a lot of internet trolls who tried to humiliate and body shame me after I was fired. Some people would say I had cellulite or stretch marks, but I have worked hard at building up my confidence so I don’t let them affect me.”

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