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Sometimes, it becomes difficult to keep a tab of the same and therefore, we have everything at one place. With social media, things go viral within few minutes. With viral, we mean, everything that is trending. It can be a dance video, a phenomenon related to nature, a trending show, a Twitter thread – it is never a single thing, but, a spectrum of many things that gained attention on the internet.

Earlier, it was ‘Pathaan’ craze that took the internet by a storm, then it was Netflix’s series ‘YOU’. Sid-Kiara’s wedding also caused quite a stir in the digital world with images and videos emerging every now and then. Sometimes, it can be a bizarre food recipe, or even a deadly food combination. For instance, recently, the recipe of Dairy Milk Omelette led to foodies in a shock. But, you don’t have to worry, as we got you covered with all that is causing a stir in the digital world.

At times, you find people sharing memes, pertaining to a current situation, or sometimes, its a viral Twitter thread that has caused a debate on the blue bird app and we have all of it covered for you! Sometimes, people endlessly scroll through their social media feeds just to stay connected to everything that is viral in the pop culture. However, we have got a short cut for you. So, get ready to know all that is viral in just one go!

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