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What’s the first thing that may come to someone’s mind when they come across a viral video of an alligator? For most, they will instantly assume that it is from the USA’s Florida. And, in reality, most of the crazy stories involving these replities do come out of Florida. There is a very good reason for that too. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, alligators have inhabited this state’s lakes, swamps, rivers, and marshes for centuries. Wondering why we are talking about alligators in Florida? It is due to this latest viral video that shows an alligator bending a metal fence to pass through it. Let that sink in!

Rex Chapman, former basketball player, re-shared the video on his Twitter handle. “Well that’s terrifying…,” he tweeted alongside. The video was originally posted by Matt Devitt, Chief Meteorologist at Wink News. “FLORIDA GATOR VS METAL FENCE,” he tweeted as the first line of his post. “Check out this big guy bend the bars and plow right through it this week in Placida,” he added. In his post he also explained that the reptile eventually managed to get through the fence.

Take a look at the video:

Since being shared, the video has gone viral and accumulated nearly 1.2 million views. Additionally, the share has prompted people to post various comments.

Here’s how Twitter user reacted to the video:

“You’re going to need a bigger fence,” joked a Twitter user. “It is technically a dinosaur, and he probably just got done watching Jurassic Park for the first time at that dude’s house,” joined another. “Nope,” shared a third. “That was a terrible de-fence,” wrote a fourth.

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